Hey, you made it to the links. I had add some new links at the bottom.

Kristi's World Of Final Fantasy 7 This is a good page. She have lots of stuff. Don't forget to check out this page.

www.anipike.com Yes we can't forget this page. There is no more to say about this page. It has everything.

Sephiroth no Miko's Final Fantasy VII Hall This is another great site. A great site if your a Sephiroth fan.

The Edge of Sanity ~ Summer daze... Another good site. 

Shinra, Inc A very useful site. And very well organize. Even if they are the Shinra.

Devilkiddi's Final Fantasy homepage This guy's website is very cool. If you need downloads for FF VII and any Playstation goodies this is the place.

Chibi-Ken's Gateway   This site has a good gallery and useful information.

Aeris Valentine's Site Great gallery site. Check it out.

Oh yeah if you are looking for the link to catch your own Bishonen here is the link. www.pocket-bishonen.com

Oooo! It Vincent! This page is the coolest if you are a Vincent fan, like me, so check it out.

Cloud's Seventh Heaven This is another good site to visit. Don't forget to check it out.

Vincent Lonely Nightmares If you looking for the Vincent comics. This is the place to go, if you already haven't gone there. You will find all the info you need here.

BANE Huntress' Anime-Manga Male Harem A very cool site. Lots of pics of your favorite bishonens. And she is the Coolest. ( For someone that thinks she is old, which she is not. 23 come on.)

Thentavius' Underground If you are looking for pics of your fav anime check his page out.

Anchella's (mostly bishonen) doujioshi gallery Nice gallery. Go check out her page.

www.ffonline.com the unofficial on line help for all Final Fantasy games. 

www.finalfantasy.com This is where you find info about the movie.**

http://cybergroupmiami.netfirms.com/cworks.htm  This is my dad's page of my other artwork, But I got paid to draw those things. I don't care. *counting money*  Its a page of girl showing their bloomers, just a little warning. No, I'm not if your wondering.

If you want your page link here just E-mail me your site. I'll check it out and I'll link it here.




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