The same old sorry sorry stuff before, but soon my comic will take over this page. With the some of same characters: Connie (me), Iziah, Chauncy, Mack, and Sion. And the new characters: Bane ( my very good e-mail friend which you go to her site in my link page.), Marco ( A guy I made up), and Jinni ( the bad guy with the white-gray hair you can see in my updated artwork gallery). 

Note: Don't take any of my art work without linking me to your page or giving me credit for it  Thank You

Note: All Reject Characters are my properties.

And another note: These are REAL people just in anime. And those are their real names.

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Job: Leader of the Rejects

Age: 17

Weapon: Sword

Height: 5'9''

Birth date: December 6

Birthplace: Nibelhiem

 A big hearted tomboy with unbelievable power. Childhood friends of Cloud and Tifa. Moved to Midgar because her parents found her lying in the middle of the court yard of the Shinra Manor. What happen and why. 

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Job: Second in command

Age: 17

Weapon: gun

Height: 5'10''

Birth date: September 5

Birthplace: Midgar

A cool high school student. Born in sector 5 slums, the toughest and the roughest slums out of Midgar, but always has his head on straight. Helped Connie at school when she first came. A jokester, loves to see people smile. The motto that he follows" don't worry just have fun."

tshirtizahi.jpg (543088 bytes)


Job: Reject member

Age: 16

Weapon: rod

Height: 5'7''

Birth date: November 26

Birthplace: Mideel

A cool headed kid with some strong attacks. Learn the art of rod fighting from his father at an early age.  Another jokester who loves to make fun of the others with strong comments. Move to Midgar at the age 5, met Leon in Elementary school and became friends ever since. One of the smart ones in the group.

tshirtsion.jpg (494845 bytes)


Job: Reject member 

Age: 17

Weapon: spear

Height: 5'11''

Birth date: February 5

Birthplace: Costa Del Sol

Sion is the one that use tough-talking all the time. Everyone in the group thinks he is a little slow because the way he talks, so he gets mad and curses out the group most the time. One thing the group doesn't make him really mad because he uses strong psychic attacks. We all think he watch too much Poke'mon.!!!   

newreject01.jpg (75661 bytes)


Job: New Reject member

Age: 17


Height: 6'0

Birth date: 




tshirtdenis.jpg (78515 bytes)

Job: Reject member

Age: 16

Weapon: Gloves

Height: 5 '7''

Birth date: September 

Birthplace: Wutai


tshirtchauncy.jpg (99538 bytes)


Job: Reject member

Age: 17

Weapon: Nuiucks 

Height: 5 '7''

Birth date: February 25

Birthplace: Cosmo Canyon

Don't let the glasses fool you, he is not really bright. He is the most strangest out of the whole group. Born in Cosmo Canyon he pick up a few fighting skills. Also the other members of the group make fun of him because the way he acts, yes he seems smart and normal, but he is not.

There you have it. The members of the Reject. If you have any more questions about the members just e-mail me.

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Just want to spread a little good news. I had some of my work displayed in a Burdines in South Beach, Fl and I have the Rejects displayed in a window. So here are some pics. And guess who is working in the window.*hehe*

may26$03.jpg (51048 bytes) may26$08.jpg (50330 bytes) may26$15.jpg (61209 bytes) P5250034.jpg (57608 bytes) P5250035.jpg (57846 bytes)

More to come.



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