This is some of my original art. So do take any of it and if you aren't going to give me any credit. Yes it seems that I nag about my artwork, but I work very hard drawing these. And I don't what to see someone using my ideas and getting credit for my work. So I hope you understand. Now onto my artwork.

Here are some new pics. I getting better at coloring on the computer. *hehe*

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Right here I'm in the middle of making my own Manga. Its called Earth Angel®. It's about a angel that was reborn on Earth to protect it from evil. Thats all  I'm goanna say. Sorry. Oh yeah, about the Manga. If you're going to read it, some of it don't make no sense because I was more concern about the drawing itself. They are from my sketchbook.

Eangelcomic01.jpg (498638 bytes) Eangelcomic02.jpg (487438 bytes) Eangelcomic03.jpg (412552 bytes) earthang.jpg (14204 bytes)

This right here. Is about this fighting game idea I had. So here are some characters. These are also from my sketchbook.

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