Conversation 2

Hello and once again, Welcome to my crazy conversations with my favorite Anime and the Final Fantasy VII characters.

This Time its; Bakuretsu Hunters

But sorry I only know Marron, Carrot, and Tira.

 Welcome and take a seat. (Addressing to Marron, Carrot, and Tira. Pointing to the couch.)

Tira: Thank you for inviting us.

Your welcome, and let me introduce you to Vincent, Cloud, Cid, Yuffie, and Tifa. There some others, but they went some where.


Everyone: Hi

Marron: Hello

Carrot: Hi there! (Turned to Tifa) 

Tifa: Hello, your cute. Whats your name?

The name is Carrot and how about you and me?

Sorry I'm already taken. (points to Cloud) Plus you are a little to young for me.

(Carrot looking depressed) oh....

Cid: So what do you guys do?

We hunt sorcerers that uses magic to hurt the innocent.

So its that type of thing. I got ya.

Whats wrong Cloud? (looking at Cloud)

Cloud: I just can't help it.

Can't help what?

Vincent and Marron looks kind of the same. They look a like.

If you say so. Ok, Vinny stand over there and Marron could you please stand over by Vincent.

Vincent: Right here?


Stand right here?

Yeah. Perfect. (looking at the both of them) Yeah they do look a like.

Yuffie: And they act the same too. Their both quiet and stuff. 

Yeah they do. Only thing is Vincent older and turn into a monster. And knows how to use a gun and his arm is replaced with a metal claw and...

Thats enough.

Please this is to much.

Yes really.

I'm sorry.

That is alright.

Yes I aspect your apology. 

And the other thing they kinda speak the same. And the other thing Connie over there turning red for some reason. Hey Connie! Why are you turning red over there for?!! (everyone turns over looks at me)

Aaaahhh. Oh nothing! Nothing here! 

I get it. 

Me too.

Same here.

Girls these days.


I wish that was me that she's thinking about.

Thats ok. Because Connie is occupied at the moment. We are going to end the conversation. So, here is the Bakuretsu Gallery. And thank you for coming.

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