Welcome to the Miscellaneous page. Me and the FF7 characters discusses about the anime and games that I like every month. You might think she is strange person, but I'm cool most of the time.

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So this month is about Poke'mon.

Cid: What the hell is a poke'mon?

Well I really can't explain, but I can show you one. (pulls out Pikachu)


Tifa: Oohh. It cute.

This is to damn strange for me. (picks up pikachu) What does this thing do? (flips it around looking at it)

Pikaaaaaachuuuu!!!! (shocks Cid)


Mmmm. I forgot to tell you, pikachu doesn't like that.

Now you tell me.

Are you alright, Cid?

Now on to the characters of the show. ha ha (Ash, Misty, Brock, Tracey, Jessie, and James comes out) Welcome, please sit down. (points to the couch, sits) Thanks for being here. Ash can you explain poke'mon to my friends here?

Ash: Ok. (explains poke'mon) Now do you get it?

Yuffie: Well kind of.

Cloud: I'm to old for this stuff.

Barret: My head hurts. Just like the time Cloud was tryin' to explain materia. I don't get it at all. (scratches his head)

Vincent: I agree with Barret, this stuff is to hard. (scratches his head as well) 

Now I get it. If  I already known what those things where. We could of use they to mess up the Shinra a lot faster. he he (laughing hysterically)

(looking at Cid strangely) Ok. Hey whats wrong Ash?

I was wondering are those poke'mon? (pointing to Red XIII and Cait Sith)

Cait Sith: No we are not poke'mon! I'm just a cat that rides on a Mog and Red XIII is just a beast with a flame at the end of his tail.

So your a Meowth and he is a Arcanine with a tail of a Charmander mix with a Persian.

Didn't you just hear me We aren't poke'mon!!!

Misty: (slaps Ash in the head) Don't you listen. They aren't poke'mon.

Tracey: (talking while drawing) This is amazing.

Hey kid. what ya drawing?

Oh. I'm drawing sketches of your friends here. I never seen anything like them before.

Hey Jessie, James are you going to say the team rocket motto?

Jessie: Yes, don't rush us. Ahm To protect the world from devastation.

James: To unite all people with our nation.

To announce the evil of truth and love.

to extend  our reaches to the stars above



Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light

Surrender now or prepare to fight.

What the hell is a Team Rocket?

It is a organization  that steals rare poke'mon, like that brat's Pikachu.

Sounds like a cool organization, they steal stuff. hehe maybe I should join.

Red XIII: Maybe not. 

Oh man.

 Red is right.

(whispering to James) If we bring those things to the boss, he will be so happy. (pointing to Red XIII and Cait Sith)

(whispering back to Jessie) Yes and maybe he will give us a raise. he he

Ok lets go. (both sneaks off around the couch)

Hey James. What are you doing?

Oh! Mmmm checking for.... looking for my change that I drop. Oh! Here it is. ha ha (sit back on the couch)

Brock: (to Tifa) Hello my name is Brock. You are the most beautiful woman I ever met.

Oh my. But sorry little boy, but I'm already taken. (points over to Cloud)

(looks bum out)


Nothing. (blushes)

Hey what are you doing? (to Jessie)

James and I are going to take you and your pal to our boss as a gift. Right James? (looks behind her) James?! (notice that James not behind her)

Sorry Jess. but your on your own. (points over to Red XIII)

(slowly turns to Red XIII) Ahhhh!

(fangs all showing) Now what are you going to do?

Nothing. (runs back over to the couch scared)

Hey Misty. Where is your Psyduck?

Why do you want that stupid poke'mon for? (Psyduck comes out of its poke'ball) 


(yelling and pointing Psyduck to get back in it ball) Get back in your ball you stupid poke'mon!

No. I got some thing plan for it. (Misty looks confused) Hey Sion! 

(if you haven't went to the Rejects page he is the Psyduck fellow)

Sion: Yeah man?

I got a present for you. You have many thing in common with it.

Its a Honey! I knew it! Alright already show her to me!

Wait a minute let me tell the others to come first and see. Hey you guys come over here. (the rest of the rejects come over) Ok here it is. (Pulls out Psyduck)

What the Hell?! Get this s$it away from me, man! Watch out! I got you Connie! ( in a middle of having a fit Psyduck comes over to Sion)

Psssssyiyi. Psyduck. (Sion ready to kick Psyduck)

Ok, we don't need that here. (puts Sion away from Psyduck)

(sigh) Misty call Psyduck back please.

Sure. Psyduck return.

Well this is all I'm going to handle this month. So come back next month for another crazy conversations with my favorite anime and game heroes. If you look below (pointing down) there is a little poke' gallery. Enjoy.

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From this point on these pics are about James cause he one of my favs.

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I caught another one

Mostly all images came from Shywolf's TeamRocket Pictures  Just click the name and it will take you to her page.